About Us

SERC is a physical therapist-owned outpatient clinic. We are dedicated to thorough evaluations, development of a personalized plan of care, and one-on-one treatment sessions to help you meet your goals. Therapy at SERC is efficient, cost effective, and even a little fun.

We believe that good, effective communication is vital. It is important for you to understand your diagnosis and treatment plan. We help you understand what is wrong, what needs to be done, how it should be done – all to help you “Return to the speed of your life.”


The pride of local ownership also commands accountability. SERC professionals establish and maintain policies and procedures we believe are essential. Our personal investment drives recognizable excellence as we serve patients, referring physicians, insurance payers, employers, and our community.


We believe communication is a vital part of a successful rehabilitation program. We encourage and support active participation from each patient, which at first necessitates that patients have an understanding of their medical and physical therapy diagnoses. This will be a learning process and we encourage questions on the way to a mutual understanding. Each referring physician, insurance payer, and employer will receive timely verbal and written updates of each patient’s progress.

Task related Plan-of-Care

Demands at work, home, or play are the functional building blocks for goal setting at SERC. “Returning patients to the speed of life” is more than a slogan. It is the purpose of every modality and procedure and of every communication with a patient.

Value and Cost Controls

SERC monitors the average number of visits for our patient population. Why? Controlling costs is important to our patients and, therefore, to us. SERC seeks to limit the number of visits while not compromising the final results of a patient’s recovery. Because SERC patients understand their condition and their plan of care, they can effectively assume self-responsibility in promoting their recovery. They may do this at home, at a gym, or outdoors.

Electronic Medical-Therapy Records

Today’s world of technology allows healthcare providers to exchange information better, so the coordination of care can be maintained at a high level. SERC relies on computerized documentation of everything from medical records to clinical and management reports that help keep all caregivers on track.


Accessibility is a SERC priority because each patient’s time is important and valuable. Each patient is contacted within one business day after the referral is received from a physician. Every patient is offered a time for the first appointment within 48 working hours.