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"I feel like I can move around without the fear of falling now. I have more energy and have the great family at SERC to thank for it" -J.B.

"I feel like a new lease on life because I can already do so much more than I've done in years--unreal to walk in the morning without pain" -S.W.

"All my Dizziness is gone!" -D.B.

"After the therapy at SERC the pain is almost completely gone and there is no limitations" -K.W.

"My life has been blessed" -H.O.

"I feel that my experience at SERC was excellent and worthwhile" -ZSB

"Feels great, I'm 100%" - J.C.

Welcome to SERC
Spine and Extremity Rehabilitation Center

SERC is a physical therapist-owned outpatient clinic. We are dedicated to thorough evaluations, development of a personalized plan of care, and one-on-one treatment sessions to help you meet your goals. Therapy at SERC is efficient, cost effective, and even a little fun.

We believe that good, effective communication is vital. It is important for you to understand your diagnosis and treatment plan. We help you understand what is wrong, what needs to be done, how it should be done - all to help you "Return to the speed of your life."


Our Survey Results Set Us Apart

We surveyed 100 patients.
94% said their overall quality of care was "very good."
97% said they would use us again.
97% said they would recommend us to a friend.